Founder & Current Owners

In 1997, Chuck McKibbin and his crew were banned from showing their unit at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s national convention because they were not members. So they displayed their RV in the parking lot and called themselves the renegades. The name stuck and now, years later, Renegade/Kibbi LLC has grown to 105 employees, and has eclipsed production milestones with the 2,000th motorhome and the 1,500th trailer rolling off the assembly line.

“It worked like it’s supposed to,” McKibbin said of his company. “I wanted this to be the kind of place I want to work at.” Chuck started building RVs with the intent of just making a living. He did not envision the company would blossom as it has but he did see a need in the marketplace for trailers that could haul racing cars. Although a few trailers have been built for NASCAR drivers like Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr., drag racers are the primary customers. The company has branched into other markets, creating trailers to haul horses or outfitted with kennels for dogs. Chuck instilled a family feeling at Renegade. He provided a platform for employees to work hard and create a quality unbeatable product.

In 2004 the Principals of ShoreView Industries partnered with Chuck McKibbin in an effort to continue the growth of Renegade.

In July 2007, Chuck retired from the business.

Chuck McKibbin was stated as saying, “Renegade is still going to be in my heart.”

Shoreview Industries and the employees at Renegade continue the work that Chuck created.