Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My awning and/or slide won't go out?

A: It is likely your ignition key is in the ON position.  This is a safety feature of the

    Renegade, the awning and the slide will not operate if the ignition key is in the

    ON position.

Q: My outlets and/or microwave are inoperable?

A: If you can still turn on the A/C in the living room then most likely you popped a

    breaker located on the inverter outside of the truck.  If you have no A/C in

    addition to the outlets or microwave then likely you have popped a breaker

    on the geneartor.

Q: My carbon monoxide alarm keeps beeping?

A: This usually means the battery is below 9 amp and you will not be able to

     start your generator using the generator switches.  Start the truck, wait

     a minimum of 30 seconds then start the generator.  Turn the truck engine

     off and turn you AGS button to Enable.

Q: I have my inverter on and I can't get the central vacuum and/or the A/C to

     operate, but, the microwave and TV are working fine?

A: Turn on the generator or plug into shore power.  If still not working check

     the main breaker on the genrator or if plugged into shore power check the

     main breaker on that source.

Q: I can't get my DirecTV working and I can hear my satellite searching?

A: You have an obstructed view out of the southern sky so you will need

    to move your coach.

Q: I can't get my DirecTV to work and I know the satellite is locked in,

     it's not making a noise?

A: Pull card out of access on the DirecTV receiver and then put it back

    in.  Press the red reset button by the case and it should on the screen

    "searching for satellite", reprogramming with a slide bar showing the

    % of completion.  Wait until complete and it should be working.

Q: Going down the road and hear an alarm in the cab area but you have

     no warning lights on the truck?

A: You probably went over a bump and caused one of the leveler legs to

     move slightly.  Reach down to the leveler control and hit emergency

     retract and the alarm should go away.