Emergency Nights and Weekends Contact Phone #:  574-216-3256

Use this number to contact service on nights and weekends, they

will be able to assist you in the event of an emergency.




Just bought a pre-owned Renegade RV product?

Renegade RV wants your upcoming experiences with your Renegade product to be the best.  We built it, we know it, let us inspect it….  We know where to look to help insure product reliability.

Renegade has a special 11-point unit inspection offer and for those of you choosing to have us complete the inspection, Renegade will provide you a new fold-up Electric grille as our way of saying thanks for purchasing our product. 

For the time spent to complete the inspection, your cost will be $399.  Our Renegade RV Service team will inspect the following areas:

Roof and exterior panel seams.  -  Caulking failure allows water into your walls and ceiling.

Under carriage and Hitch.  -  Cracked welds loose bolts severe rust areas.

Water damage.   -   In those Hidden areas. Mold sucks!

Flood test all holding tanks.   -   Again, Mold sucks.

Rain booth test.   -   Just to make sure there are no leaks.

Pressure test unit.   -   Just in case we missed a leak in the rain booth.

LP system.   -   For leaks or worn Hoses.

Inspect & Lube Step mechanism        A big step into and out of the house if they fail. 

Batteries.   -   Load test.  Reliable electricity is a good thing!

Service Generator.    -  Again, Electricity is a good thing.

All charging systems for output.     -    Once again, Electricity is a good thing.                                

Wheel alignment.    -   Available for an additional $250.  Tires are expensive!


Our deliverable to you will be a completed inspection sheet detailing the items passed and items needing work.  Depending on our workload at the time of your visit, and the time needed to repair any failures, we will either quote and fix the item or quote and schedule an upcoming visit for you.  To schedule an appointment call our Service department today at 888-522-1126.  Please provide as much lead time as possible to insure an expeditious visit at Renegade.