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The most important maintenance requirement for any coach is touching up or replacing the caulk in the roof and bunk seams.


Spring Touchup

Just got the coach out from winter storage, de-winterizing it, turning on all the appliances and making sure everything works? Great, but have you checked the roof and bunk seams, seals around the roof components and around the skylight for voids in the caulk? The winter freeze-thaw cycle, along with the shifting while driving, will cause the adjoining pieces at the seam to move independent of each other and create voids in the coverage.  Age alone will cause failure. Proper roof maintenance is critical for extending the life of your coach and avoiding very costly wall or roof replacement. These small leaks can cause major damage without any indication that it is happening.  To assist you in avoiding major repair costs from water damage we are offering a special package of items needed to touch up your roof at a very special price.

Renegade RV special roof and seam sealant touchup kit.

Includes 10 tubes of special blend paintable caulk and 2 rolls totaling 108 feet of water proof adhesive rubber roof seal tape. We will even throw in a scraper and free shipping.

Normal price for these items is $314. We offer this package for $249.95. That’s a $65 savings.

Total for this special $249.95

Solar panel sale

To minimize the need for using the generator many people are now adding solar panels to the roof top of their coach. They are well worth the effort in saving generator fuel costs not to mention minimizing the time you have to listen to your generator run. Just leave your coach during the day and let the sun recharge your batteries for the evening. The savings should offset the cost of having an experienced professional install these for you.

Solar Panels Your Cost Retail Savings
1 Panel w/Controller 160W $519.95 $653.95 $134
2 Panel $963.95 $1364.95 $401
3 Panel $1549.95 $2349.95 $800

Buy all 3 Savings                                $800