Specialty Vehicles


Real Trucks for Real Work

Since all of our vehicles will have an expected service life of at least 20 years, Renegade uses only proven, extreme-duty commercial chassis. These include the Freightliner M2 Series Chassis, Freightliner Cascadia, International Lonestar & Volvo VNL 64T chassis . These chassis are available with horsepower ratings up to 600 HP.  Other Chassis are available at customer request provided they meet Renegade's base quality & specification requirements.


Mobile Medical & Dental

  • Mammography Units
  • Fluoroscopy Units
  • Occupational Health Vehicles
  • VA Health Units
  • Medical Outreach Units
  • Specialty Medical Units
  • X-Ray Capabilities
  • Audiology Units


Veterinary Mobile Clinics

  • Small Animal House Call
  • Mixed Practice
  • Specialty


Mobile Command Centers & Specialty Vehicles

  • Mobile Command Post
  • Communications Vehicle
  • Dep't. of Veterans Affairs
  • Crime Scene Vehicle
  • Bomb Response Squad
  • Mobile Showers
  • Mobile Bunking Quarters


Event Marketing

  • Mobile Exhibits
  • Product Demonstration Vehicles
  • Product Training Vehicles
  • Hospitality Vehicles
  • Mobile Sales Center


Mobile Office & Training

  • Mobile Computer Lab
  • Conference Center
  • Mobile Product Training Vehicles
  • Mobile Classrooms
  • Insurance Processing
  • Mobile Tax Processing





RSV Sales Manager
Art Henderson
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RSV Engineering
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