Renegades stick together, which is why we’re committed to supporting you before, during and after the sale. You won’t find a motorhome brand more proud of the quality ingrained in its products, and you won’t find a parent company like ours that delivers a wealth of aftermarket support. We’ve compiled this resource page to aid you in all of your after-the-sale needs, and of course, please feel free to contact us.

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Renegade MY 2024 Motorhomes are covered by a 1-year unlimited miles Limited Warranty plus a 3-year 36,000-mile Limited Structural Warranty.

All Renegade Motorhome chassis, engines, transmissions, and drivetrain warranties are provided and administered by their respective manufacturers. For specific information about these warranties, ask your dealer or contact Renegade RV.

Although we do not restrict the completion of warranty work to a dealer in our network, we highly recommend the use of one of our dealers for service as they are the most familiar with our product. For an updated list of Renegade Dealers, please see the “Find a Dealer” tab on this web page. Below is a list of service centers outside of our dealer network who have provided competent professional service in the past.

Service Center Name Location
REV RV Tech Center Decatur, IN
REV RV Tech Center Coburg, OR
El Toro RV Lake Forest, CA
Quents Service Center Oshkosh, WI
Ace RV Herndon, VA
Adventure RV West Fargo, ND
Good Shepherd RV Lafayette, LA
Miller RV Apache Junction, AZ
Premium Coach Phoenix, AZ
Iron Horse RV San Antonio, TX
Bob Jones RV South Houston, TX
Class A RV Pine Creek, TX
Bayou Super Center  Bossier, LA
Affinity RV  Prescott, AZ
Lazydays RV All Locations

If you’re missing the owner’s manual for your Renegade RV, you can download a digital (PDF) replacement for free. Select your brand below or search by model year, and we’ll be happy to provide this essential documentation immediately.


Renegade offers one of the most attentive, expedited motorhome parts programs thanks to REV Group’s commitment to after-the-sale support. Through REV Parts’ national distribution network, we take responsiveness to the next level.

Factory original parts and other OEM motorhome parts can be ordered through an authorized Renegade RV dealer or by calling the Renegade RV parts team at 574-848-1126 Option 2 (follow prompts for retail or dealer parts).

For all other parts inquiries, please use the submission form below.

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Most common calls for assistance

Below are some quick simple answers for many questions. As is sometimes the case these simple answers may not fix the issue, so please call your dealer or Renegade RV if the issue continues.

My Aqua Hot water is not hot enough when set on electric

IF you have the thermostat set for Electric only the electric system cannot keep up with continual hot water demand. Electric is only used to keep water warm and minimize the time for the burner to heat the water to temp. Following is an excerpt from the owner’s manual: Use the electric setting to keep the boiler tank up to temperature and for light heating needs, Use the burner when colder conditions require or when using hot water.

My 110 outlets quit working

The 110 outlets in the living area and other areas are wired to run thru your inverter. This allows for a load no greater than 20 amps. In most cases people are plugging in a space heater along with a coffee maker and the microwave. If too many things are operating at the same time the breaker will trip on the inverter itself. There is a reset on the side of the inverter located in one of your compartment boxes.

My retractable water reel stopped working

The fuse for this is in the yellow DC disconnect switch located in the battery box. The cover next to the switch comes off and there you should find fuses.

Batteries not charging

This could be many things but in some cases the automatic generator start settings are incorrect. Refer to the Manual in your Renegade Owner’s manual or contact Renegade at 574-966-0193 or 574-966-0210.

My AC is blowing cold air when needing heat

Your AC is a heat pump only and is only capable of heating the air to 15 degrees above ambient Temp. Many times it is programmed to come on when the heat is turned on. The AC heat pump assist function can be un-programmed from your thermostat. To Turn this function off refer to your owner’s manual.

My keyless entry doesn’t work

Usually this is a battery issue. Take the face off of the latch and check the batteries.

The key pad and FOBs may also need reset. See the instructions in the Renegade Owner’s Manual or call Renegade.

Can’t set my rear cameras on to watch full time

Locate your Voyager Remote and turn on your voyager system. Once turned on refer to the options on your radio screen.

Slide room is going out and in crooked

In most cases this is the Schwintec Mechanism needing to have the home position reset. Bring the slide in or take the slide out 6” then return and hold the button for 4 seconds after the slide stops. Repeat this 3 to 4 times and your slide should be back in sync. If it is not call Renegade for assistance.

No water pressure

Check your Filter. Usually they are clogged.

IF you are using an additional add on filter this will cause a pressure drop also.

Hot water heater not working

Reset on outside under vent cover

Bypass valve open behind heater under cabinet.

Microwave vents rattling

Lock down the louvers on outside wall.

How to get scratches out of countertops

AIG web site

The password to use when viewing is 24.

Ice maker not working no water to door

Valve in cabinets above or beside refer cabinet may be turned off.

Washer making noises when not in use

This a function of the unfiltered voltage from the Inverter. Most people turn the breaker off for the washer until ready to use.

Propane pressure on outside grill

This is usually the result of the additional regulator that comes with your grill. Having 2 regulators (the one on your Grill and the one on your main tank) overly restricts the flow. Remove the regulator on your Grill.

Can’t get the latch to open on a compartment door

Contact Renegade. There are strategic places to drill holes in handle.


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