Meet Jeff & Julie: Renegade RV Owners and Volunteer Rally Coordinators


We are Jeff and Julie Swartz - Renegade RV owners for the past 5 years and the volunteer coordinators of Renegade rallies and other Renegade-related events. We wanted to share with you our answer to three important questions…

  1. Why did we choose RVing?
  2. Why did we choose a Renegade RV?
  3. Why do we choose to stay with a Renegade RV?

Why did we choose RVing?

We are huge travelers with lots of international trips under our belts. But as our boys were nearing the middle school years, we wanted to find a way where we could keep having wonderful adventures, yet keep the boys engaged and interested in traveling with mom and dad. Having an RV where we could still take trips, but that also allowed us the ability to bring friends along to share the fun, was an excellent solution.

Why did we choose a Renegade RV?

We will admit that we tried other RVs first – a 20 ft. Class B and a 35 ft. Class A. The Class B was way too small for the giant-sized humans that we grew. The Class A was fine…until you drove it. I (Julie) usually don’t mind driving and I tried to drive it for 30 minutes. After being blown all over the road every time a truck passed by, I told Jeff that I would never drive it again. Jeff absolutely loves to drive, even for long driving days, but after being utterly exhausted after only a 4-hour drive, he started looking for alternatives.

Jeff is a researcher. He researches everything to the nth degree. After all of this research, he decided that a Super-C was the power, weight, safety, and drivability that we were looking for. We went to a dealer that had multiple vehicles that possibly would fit the bill. Jeff asked me to test drive each of the potential coaches. After driving multiple vehicles, Jeff asked me which one I would be willing to drive. I told him hands-down, the only one I would be willing to drive would be the Renegade RV.

Not only were we satisfied with the chassis of a Renegade RV, but we were thrilled with the inside of the coach as well: solid wood cabinets instead of flimsy pressed wood, sturdy and comfortable furniture instead of flimsy and uncomfortable seating, and high-quality and attractive details like light fixtures, valences, and storage options. A Renegade RV was simply the highest all-around quality RV we could find.

Why do we choose to stay with a Renegade RV?

We could easily tell you that we stay with a Renegade RV because it has been an amazingly reliable RV. We could also share that the coach is amazingly comfortable to live in – even now as we are full-timing in it. And we could honestly reassure you that we have never felt safer or more comfortable driving a vehicle than this one. But while those are all very much true, none of them are the main reasons why we are loyal to the Renegade RV brand.

We stay with Renegade because of the people. We have come to know many Renegade employees – they are conscientious, hard-working, and dedicated to their product and their customers. We have come across Renegaders during our travels – there is a camaraderie in ownership that you just don’t get between people with other shared brands. But most of all, we have developed the deepest, most meaningful friendships that we have ever experienced as we have traveled and enjoyed life on the road with fellow Renegade owners. There is just something magical about the bond between Renegaders.

We are so thankful for this amazing Renegade RV machine that has been the foundation for incredible travels, incredible adventures, and incredible relationships. Our hope is that you too will join the Renegade RV family and experience the very same incredible!


About Jeff & Julie

Jeff and Julie Swartz have been Renegade RV owners since 2018 and are the proud volunteer coordinators of Renegade rallies and other Renegade-related events. They currently live in their Renegade RV full-time. They are true Renegaders through and through. Follow along with them on their adventures.